Board Advisors

Job Description

The Bellingham Youth Ultimate Board of Directors, made of  5-7 members, establishes the priorities for the organization, approves the budget, develops connections with the community, and raises funds.  These efforts are guided by the mission statement of Bellingham Youth Ultimate:

inspire youth to be exceptional humans through playing and competing in the sport of Ultimate.

Two board advisor (non-voting) positions are held by college-level (WWU) players. These advisors will act as a vital link between Bellingham Youth Ultimate and the energy and skill of Dirt and Chaos players as well as to help assess current programs and develop new programs through the lens of a younger player. It is critical to continue the relationship between Dirt/Chaos and Bellingham Youth Ultimate in order to strengthen the youth Ultimate opportunities in Bellingham.

College level board advisors will be expected to attend the 5 board meetings per year and to help with fundraising efforts.

Will you serve as a Bellingham Youth Ultimate Board Advisor?

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