Our Programs

Summer Camp


Ultimate Frisbee Summer Camp is four days packed with games, excitement, skill-building, team spirit, sharing, and cheers.  Offered in late June, Ultimate camp is the perfect way to kick off summer, with our coaching staff ready to develop players and create memorable experiences for all.

Elementary After School Enrichment


We offer after school enrichment programs at public, private, and alternative schools in Bellingham in the spring and fall for 2nd through 5th graders.  If there is no established Ultimate program at your school, let us know; we'd love to bring Ultimate to your school!

Middle and High School Club


Teen Club runs for two hours on the weekends (usually Sundays) in the spring and fall.  Both middle and high school age youth are welcome to join.   Skill-building, lung-busting, forehand-flicking, layout-catching; playing Ultimate = Good Times!